Welcome to our website. We’re on a mission to improve the health, wealth, and wellbeing of women and we need your help.

We recently launched a free education and learning platform called WIIN (Women’s Impact Investing Network). This platform is part of our direct charitable activities strategy to help close the gender wealth gaps and create a more equitable world. The WIIN Learning Platform provides a suite of programs to help women and HeForShe advocates do the following:

  • Learn about revenue-based finance and raise flexible growth capital or make revenue-sharing investments in enterprises that positively impact women.
  • Strategically build and scale business or social enterprises dedicated to sustainable impact.
  • Protect organizational health in response to risk and threats created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please take time to look through this website. You’ll be impressed with the depth and breadth of information, support tools, and coaching support available for free.

We are looking for entrepreneurs, business owners, business coaches, consultants, funders, and investors interested in (1) growing or investing in impact-driven enterprises or (2) becoming pro bono coaches and starting local WIIN Chapters. If you’re interested (or know anyone who might be interested) and would like more information, please contact me.

Together, let’s close the gender wealth gaps!

Best Regards,

Mark Livingston


The Social Impact Foundation

Published by Mark Livingston

Coach Mark is a Certified Pickleball Coach, Teaching Professional, Rating Specialist, and Director of an IPTPA Training and Testing Center. Learn more at www.coach-mark.com

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