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We have had the good fortune to associate with a number of highly skilled professionals and innovative firms over the last four years to develop our 3X-in-10™ Revenue Sharing Model and WIIN Learning Platform.

We highly recommended these individuals and enterprises and their products and services:

Jesse Jacoby

Jesse is Managing Principal and Founder of Emergent Consultants, a Denver-based change management and business transformation consulting firm.

Jesse is the creator and developer of the Change Accelerator© platform referenced throughout Business Impact Accelerator©. He is also the creator of the Business Transformation Readiness Assessment and RocketManager™ leadership development program.


Strategyzer is a Swiss-based consulting firm headed by Alex Osterwalder and Alan Smith. They are the creators of classic tools like the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas. Their books and learning platform have been an integral part of Mark Livingston’s consulting work since 2010 and a key component of the WIIN Learning Platform.

B Lab

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based nonprofit B Lab is the creator and developer of the B Impact Assessment as well as B Corporation Certification process. The B Impact Assessment is integrated into the Business Impact Accelerator program in Modules 1, 2, and 4.


CrowdCheck is a due diligence and disclosure firm based in Alexandria, Virginia that provides support to business and social enterprises preparing to raise flexible revenue-based growth capital on a crowdfunding investment platform. CrowdCheck is an integral part of our Investment Readiness Check and Business Impact Accelerator program. Utilizing CrowdCheck’s Verified Check Report will enable your business or social enterprise to save time and money in preparing and launching a winning crowdfund capital campaign.

Anuar Heberlein

Anuar is a founder and partner of Stratygika in Vancouver, British Columbia and a specialist in financial analysis, cash flow pressure testing, financial modeling, business models, and business/financial statement planning. Anuar is one of the two finance and private equity investment specialists who helped us to review and validate our 3X-in-10™ Revenue Sharing model.

Chris Peacock

Chris is an experienced WordPress website designer and developer who assisted us in developing the WIIN learning platform. Chris is based near Houston, Texas.

Eckerd College

The Leadership Development Institute of Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida oversees administration of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile™. You will be introduced to this assessment in the Business Impact Accelerator activity titled Develop an Entrepreneurial Culture.

Innovative Learning Solutions

Knoxville, Tennessee-based Innovative Learning Solutions is the creator and developer of the Marketplace® Live family of business simulations and microsimulations for developing financial literacy and business acumen. You will be introduced to their family of simulations in the Business Impact Accelerator activity titled Develop Business and Financial Acumen.

Apex Law Group

The Apex Law Group is a Seattle-based law firm providing services to business and social enterprises. The Social Impact Foundation utilized their services in 2019 after relocating to Blaine, Washington.

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