Quick Start Action Plan

Use the BIA Quick Start Action Plan to get started quickly and effectively with Module One of Business Impact Accelerator©.

The first step of this Action Plan is optional. It asks you to set up a project dashboard and tracking process found in the Change Accelerator© platform. This platform is referenced in Accelerate Business Impact, which is Module Five of Business Impact Accelerator. Look for the second activity titled “Increase Change Management Capability” and the “Change Accelerator Project Dashboard” deliverable. Note: you will need to purchase a subscription to Change Accelerator© in order to access and use the Project Dashboard.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Livingston (President of The Social Impact Foundation and creator/author of the WIIN learning platform).

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Coach Mark is a Certified Pickleball Coach, Teaching Professional, Rating Specialist, and Director of an IPTPA Training and Testing Center. Learn more at www.coach-mark.com

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