Pro Bono Coaching Support

Mark Livingston, creator/author of the WIIN Learning Platform and retired Certified Management Consultant™, offers pro bono coaching support to help entrepreneurial women and HeForShe advocates:

  1. Develop customer touch-point maps to ensure delivery of great service and a positive experience during this time of social and physical distancing.
  2. Respond to negative impacts created by the Covid-19 pandemic by generating new business model ideas with potential to improve results and/or create new revenue streams.
  3. Utilize the WIIN Learning Platform to protect organizational health and build a more resilient and impactful enterprise during these challenging times.

Pro bono coaching support includes the following:

Virtual Coaching and Consulting

The WIIN Learning Platform offers a wealth of resources for women and HeForShe advocates aiming to build, scale, fund, or invest in sustainable, high-impact enterprises. Contact Mark Livingston to discuss your specific needs and objectives. Mark will help you get started quickly and efficiently.

Business Model Canvas Ideation

Every organization has a business model and every model faces the risk of expiration. Instead of pretending it can’t or won’t happen, use the Business Model Canvas Ideation tool to map your current model and discover innovative ways to improve results and/or create new revenue streams.

Customer Touch-point Mapping

Covid-19 and physical distancing requirements have changed the perceptions, needs, expectations, and emotions of customers and employees. Use Customer Touch-point Mapping to assure compliance with requirements and ensure delivery of great service and a positive experience.

Mark Livingston (Coach Mark) is a retired Certified Management Consultant™ with 35 years of experience working with global corporations, mid-size enterprises, startups, nonprofits, and government entities at the federal, state, and local level in both good times and bad.

During his first career, Mark headed Loyal Promoters LLC and specialized in helping clients launch new products, services, and organizations; implement major strategic change initiatives; design skill-based assessment and training systems; and grow more profitable loyal promoters.

Mark developed the WIIN Learning Platform as a result of “lessons learned” from his consulting and pro bono work with 300 organizations, including: Cummins, Weyerhaeuser, Wyeth Vaccines, American Cyanamid, American Home Products, Best Foods, RJR, Johnson&Johnson, Unocal, Olin, Eveready, West Publishing, Thomson Corporation, Firestone, WR Systems, United States Joint Forces Command, United States Fleet Forces Command, North Carolina Library System, City of High Point, High Point Public Library, High Point Museum, Prevention Partners, National Doula Network, National Conference for Community and Justice, Bellingham Fitness, Bellingham Pickleball Club, and many more.

In addition, Mark served from 2010-2014 as a pro bono evaluation judge for the Social Impact Exchange Business Plan Competition.

During his career, Mark has reviewed and evaluated over a thousand strategic, business, and investment plans from for-profit and nonprofit enterprises. A sampling of work products developed in collaboration with clients is included in the following slideshow: