Find the Right Investors …

… and Investment-Ready Enterprises

Equipping women and HeForShe investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners with a high-quality learning platform was not the only issue we had to address at The Social Impact Foundation.

A second issue was brought to our attention by the 100 women and men who participated in our focus groups and interviews in 2016-2017. They communicated this issue to us in the following manner:

“Sure, I understand the benefits of flexible, revenue-based capital. I even see how it’s the right capital to scale my enterprise (and make profitable investments). But how are you going to help me find the right investors (and investment-ready enterprises)?”

Watch this short video to learn how we answered these two questions. The 10X Impact Community Forum is a key strategy for ensuring women and HeForShe advocates find the right impact-driven investors and investments.

If you would like to learn more about raising flexible revenue-based capital or building financial security and wealth with the 3X-in-10™ Revenue Sharing Model, we encourage you to visit the Free Course section of our website. There, you will find two free programs, the Gender Wealth Strategy Mini-Course and Business Impact Accelerator Mini-Course.

The first mini-course goes into the “why” behind our 3X-in-10™ Model. The second introduces you to Business Impact Accelerator©, a key program on the WIIN Learning Platform. This program will help your enterprise become investment-ready, launch a winning growth capital campaign, and deliver sustainable results during a ten-year journey of strategic growth.

Note: The WIIN Learning Platform no longer requires a membership. Read the FAQ section of our website for an explanation.