Create Sustainable Impact

There are two other arguments we do not buy into at The Social Impact Foundation (TSIF):

  • The only purpose of a business is to maximize profit and value for shareholders.
  • You cannot receive a competitive return by investing in woman-owned enterprises. 

We believe these statements to be false. They are symptomatic of a biased and broken system of finance that focuses only on short-term profit and ignores the needs of women (and men) for flexible capital and investments that generate positive impact in the world.

At TSIF, we are inspired by women and HeForShe advocates who are building and investing in a different type of enterprise. One that uses a gender lens and is focused on creating sustainable impact. These are the entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors we support with our online learning platform and community, the Women’s Impact Investing Network (WIIN). 

What does a sustainable, high-impact enterprise look like?

To answer this important question, we need to introduce you to B Lab, creators of an innovative measurement tool known as the B Impact Assessment. B Lab also designed the B Corp Certification. This intensive assessment and validation process verifies the positive business impact of enterprises large and small. It differentiates companies – many of them owned and led by talented women – from corporations, businesses, and Wall Street or Silicon Valley investment firms that make unsubstantiated claims of social, economic, or environmental impact.

The three videos below will give you an idea of the women, men, and organizations we promote at The Social Impact Foundation. These women and HeForShe advocates keep us motivated. How about you? Do you see yourself making a 3X-in-10™ Revenue Sharing investment in these types of enterprises? Or building a sustainable, high-impact business like these entrepreneurs? Do these women and men give you hope for an inclusive, sustainable, and equitable world?

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