Earn Higher Returns with Revenue Sharing

At The Social Impact Foundation (TSIF), we do not buy into the argument that entrepreneurs and business owners lack access to capital. The real issue is lack of access to the right capital. Inflexible debt and illiquid equity provided by lenders and investors focused only on short-term profit is the wrong capital for enterprises aiming to generate sustainable impact (as well as investors seeking to fund these sustainable businesses). 

Watch the video below. It’s the one we discovered in May 2016 that sparked design of our 3X-in-10™ Revenue Sharing Model. We salute Michael “Luni” Libes and the work he’s doing at Fledge, his conscious company accelerator in Seattle, Washington.

Note the comment entrepreneur and impact investor Michael Libes makes about “parking your money and getting no return at all.” This principle – the time value of money – is a key requirement for building wealth ignored by many investors. You will learn about this important principle (and many others) in our free online learning platform.

Another wealth-building principle “Luni” reminds us about in this video and in his book, Revenue-based Financing, is “liquidity” and getting “a little bit at a time.” We think revenue-based finance and investment is the smartest way for women and HeForShe advocates to raise flexible capital, earn higher returns, and build long-term financial security and wealth. And yes, close the funding, asset, and pay gaps women experience around the world.