Key Outcomes of Business Impact Accelerator©

Business Impact Accelerator© is organized into 6 Modules, 24 Activities, and 48 Deliverables. Click on this link or download a copy of the learning design we created for Business Impact Accelerator©.

Deliverables are the tools, documents, or products you and your team will create in order to assess, transform, scale, generate, accelerate, and if desired, fund the positive impact of your business or social enterprise.

You will not need to complete all of these Deliverables to develop a Sustainable 10X Impact Business Plan or prepare for a winning 3X-in-10™ Growth Capital Campaign on a crowdfund investing platform. However, these Deliverables will help you and your team navigate and manage an exciting ten-year journey of sustainable growth, change, and transformation.

The Deliverables and Key Outcomes of Business Impact Accelerator include:

Module 1: Assess Business Impact

Module 2: Transform Business Impact

Module 3: Scale Business Impact

Module 4: Generate Business Impact

Module 5: Accelerate Business Impact

Module 6: Fund Business Impact

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