Key Outcomes of Business Impact Accelerator©

Business Impact Accelerator© is organized into 6 Modules, 24 Activities, and 48 Deliverables. Click on this link or download a copy of the learning design we created for Business Impact Accelerator©.

Deliverables are the tools, documents, or products you and your team will create in order to assess, transform, scale, generate, accelerate, and if desired, fund the positive impact of your business or social enterprise.

You will not need to complete all of these Deliverables to develop a Sustainable 10X Impact Business Plan or prepare for a winning 3X-in-10™ Growth Capital Campaign on a crowdfund investing platform. However, these Deliverables will help you and your team navigate and manage an exciting ten-year journey of sustainable growth, change, and transformation.

The Deliverables and Key Outcomes of Business Impact Accelerator include:

  • B Impact Assessment (establish an initial baseline of your enterprises’ social and environmental impact)
  • Impact Value Chain (define and describe the key outcomes of your enterprise)
  • Customer Impact Interviews (understand the specific impact you’re making in the lives of customers)
  • Business Model SWOT Diagram (identify the priority strengths and weakness of your business model as well as assess potential threats and improvement opportunities)
  • Business Model Environment Map (describe the macro environment in which your business model operates and identify key forces shaping your future)
  • Strategy Canvas (compare your value proposition to those of your competitors)
  • Stakeholder Engagement SWOT Diagram (strengthen the engagement level of your customers)
  • B Impact Improvement Plan (embed impact improvement into the daily operations and organization culture)
  • Customer Persona and Journey Canvases (gain insight into customers you currently serve or may decide to serve in the future)
  • Statements of Core Purpose and Values (redefine and articulate the “why” behind your enterprises’ existence)
  • Vision Story of Sustainable 10X Impact (establish a strategic destination for the ten-year journey of investment, growth, and transformation you’re preparing to launch)
  • High Impact Value Proposition Canvas (adopt an “outside-in” point of view and discover ways to create more value for current and new customers)
  • Sustainable 10X Impact Business Model Canvas (find the right business model to deliver on the Big Hairy Audacious Goal identified in your vision)
  • Investment Readiness Level Canvas (track progress toward the validation of a profitable and scalable business model aligned with your Vision of Sustainable 10X Impact)
  • Scaling and Growth Capital Objectives (identify the key results to be achieved during scale-up)
  • Scaling Action Plans (plan the financial and human resources needed to deliver on the scaling objectives)
  • 3X-in-10™ Revenue Sharing Offer (calculate a safe percentage of revenue to share with investors during the ten-year growth capital investment period)
  • Sustainable 10X Impact Business Plan (create a high-quality scaling plan and realistic financial projections to achieve “take-off” and sustainable growth)
  • Cash Flow Pressure Test (examine the impact of different growth scenarios on the cash flow and profitability of your enterprise during the time it takes to reach take-off)
  • Business Transformation Readiness Assessment (diagnose the current health of your business and organization development efforts)
  • Case for Change Story (communicate the strategic direction and vision of your business or social enterprise)
  • Customer Journey Maps (create a branded customer experience)
  • Net Promoter® Surveys (strengthen and build customer relationships)
  • Company Service Aptitude Test (measure and improve the service level of your enterprise with the C-SAT)
  • One Page Strategy Map and Plan (focus and align everyone in your enterprise around strategic priorities and measures)
  • Strategy Reviews (engage frontline teams in helping you manage and improve performance)
  • Organization Chart of the Future (align the strategy and structure of your enterprise as it scales)
  • Process Improvement Plan (prioritize the work processes to simplify and improve)
  • Business Process Maps and Library (create an online portal of process documentation to accelerate learning and performance)
  • Annual B Impact Improvement Plan (achieve and/or sustain B Corp Certification)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile™ (develop entrepreneurial thinking and skills across your organization)
  • Culture Map (design a work environment that prizes and rewards entrepreneurial action)
  • Core Values Interview Guide (hire the right people aligned with your culture, values, and vision)
  • Change Accelerator Project Dashboard (monitor employee engagement, organization health, and progress of your business transformation efforts).
  • Change Assessment Profiles (identify opportunities for improving change management skills)
  • Executive Sponsorship Assessments (develop more effective sponsors of change across your enterprise)
  • Progress Reviews (evaluate the progress of your strategic projects and initiatives)
  • Team Effectiveness Assessments (identify and eliminate barriers in the way of top performance)
  • Marketplace® Live Business Simulations (develop the knowledge and skills your team needs to grow a successful business or social enterprise)
  • Conscious Capitalism® Simulation (learn about the four principles of Conscious Capitalism® and reinforce the entrepreneurial, impact-driven culture you’re aiming to develop and build)
  • Verified Check Report (raise investor trust and confidence with a comprehensive background check and due diligence review from the team at CrowdCheck)
  • Financial Statements Review or Audit (raise investor trust and confidence by meeting all SEC requirements for financial disclosure)
  • Sustainable 10X Impact Business Plan Review (raise investor trust and confidence with a high-quality business plan and pro forma financial statements)
  • Governance Documents Review (protect investors and stakeholders by ensuring your enterprises’ legal affairs are in order)
  • 3X-in-10™ Offer Review (protect investors and stakeholders by ensuring your 3X-in-10™ Revenue Sharing Promissory Note and Note Subscription Agreement are correctly structured)
  • SEC Form C Review (protect investors by ensuring your revenue sharing investment offering meets all SEC disclosure requirements)
  • Investor Pitch Deck and Profile Review (promote your 3X-in-10™ Revenue Sharing Offer following all SEC regulatory requirements)
  • Investment Readiness Check (complete a final review of investment readiness before promoting your high-quality 3X-in-10™ Revenue Sharing Offer to women and HeForShe investors in the Women’s Impact Investing Network)

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