Key Design Features of Business Impact Accelerator©

Required Books

Five books are utilized extensively throughout the six learning modules of Business Impact Accelerator©. Click on this link to view the books.

Activities and Content

There are a total of 24 activities in the six modules of Business Impact Accelerator©. Each of the activities are designed to accelerate your learning.

There are a total of 48 outcomes or deliverables in Business Impact Accelerator©. These outcomes will help you raise flexible revenue-based growth capital, scale the positive impact of your business or social enterprise, and/or make profitable revenue-based investments.

Featured B Corporations

A total of 48 Certified B Corporations are featured in the Business Impact Accelerator© learning program. Click on the link to see these business and social enterprises that create enduring social and economic value.

Published by Mark Livingston

Mark Livingston is President of The Social Impact Foundation and creator/author of the WIIN Learning Platform. He is also a Certified Pickleball Coach and Teaching Professional at Coach Mark LLC (

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