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Module Four Description

In this fourth Module of Business Impact Accelerator©, you and your team will begin to put your five-year scaling and growth plan into action. By completing these activities, you will improve the operating effectiveness of your business or social enterprise and increase its depth and breadth of impact.

You and your team will complete four Activities …

  1. Improve Customer Experiences
  2. Align and Execute Strategic Priorities
  3. Simplify Internal Processes
  4. Become a Certified B Corporation

… and produce nine Deliverables:

  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Net Promoter® Surveys
  • Company Service Aptitude Test
  • One Page Strategy Map and Plan
  • Strategy Reviews
  • Organization Chart of the Future
  • Process Improvement Plan
  • Business Process Maps and Library
  • Annual B Impact Improvement Plan

These Deliverables will enable you and your team to build a sustainable, high-impact enterprise that differentiates you from competitors focused only on maximizing short-term profit.

For each Deliverable, we provide step-by-step instructions and coaching tips for completion. We also feature a Certified B Corporation to benchmark and offer a list of resources to help you manage the transition of your enterprise from one stage of growth to another. If you have any questions, please contact us directly through this website.

Improve Customer Experiences

Align and Execute Strategic Priorities

Simplify Internal Processes

Become a Certified B Corporation

Module Four Review

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