Gender Wealth Strategy


Welcome to the Gender Wealth Strategy© learning program.

Gender Wealth Strategy was written and designed for woman business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and HeForShe advocates. This online learning program will introduce you to an inclusive and sustainable solution for closing the gender wealth gaps women experience around the world.

These gaps negatively impact women in three ways:

  1. Woman business owners and entrepreneurs are four times less likely than men to raise capital to start new ventures or secure financing to expand established enterprises.
  2. Women, on average, own just 36% of the financial and non-financial assets that men do.
  3. Women, on average, are paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to men, with pay gaps even larger for women in communities of color.

In Gender Wealth Strategy©, you will learn about the biased and broken system preventing women from building sustainable businesses, raising flexible capital, and making profitable and sustainable investments that build long-term financial security and wealth. You will also learn about a new system of finance and investment designed to help women (and HeForShe advocates) close these gaps once and for all.

Gender Wealth Strategy© includes the following content:

  • New Paradigms: A summary of ten key findings from our research into the new business and investment strategy of Positive Impact. This section provides background information central to the design of our solution for closing the gender wealth gaps.
  • A Failed System: An in-depth analysis of the biased and broken system of finance and investment that fails women and contributes to the gender wealth gaps. This section examines why so many entrepreneurs and investors (women and men) experience a lack of success in building financial security and wealth.
  • Whose Needs Come First?: An overview of the criteria used to design a new system of finance and investment for women and HeForShe advocates. This section compares our 3X-in-10™ Revenue Sharing model with conventional debt and equity models used by 99.5% of banks, lenders, private equity investors, and investment fund managers.
  • Women’s Wealth System: An introduction to a new system of finance and investment designed to help women and HeForShe advocates build sustainable businesses, raise flexible revenue-based growth capital, and make profitable and sustainable investments that create enduring social and economic value. This section presents our solution for closing gender wealth gaps in the U.S., Canada, and world.
  • Take the Next Step: An agenda with talking points for discussing the Women’s Wealth System with key stakeholders at work and, if applicable, significant others at home.

Note: In several of the videos in Gender Wealth Strategy©, you will hear reference to individual or enterprise membership. As of April 2020, the WIIN Learning Platform does not require any membership. Read the FAQ section of our website for an explanation.

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